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February Pet of the Month!
January 30, 2018

Hello Everybody! My name is Chester Riddikulus Churchill, but I go by Riddily! I’m a French Bulldog who loves eating, snoring and meeting new people! I’m 6 months old and my momma’s pride and joy( even if I chew her baseboards). Royal Oaks has been nothing but great to me since I have had quite a few puppy scares. You see I cannot seem to stop eating things that aren’t really edible, and my first Christmas I happened to swallow a fuse. I thought it tasted good, but mom has quite a few more gray hairs. Most puppies hate coming to the vet but I always run from the car right to the door since I love coming to visit all my friends in the office, I always get snuggles and smooches (even though I drool). If you see me around I’d love to give you a slobbery kiss but I demand a treat for my love!

Thanks Royal Oaks for keeping my momma sane!