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    Some animal clinics treat clients and their pets like numbers, with the goal of squeezing as many appointments onto the schedule as possible. As a result, the care your pet receives suffers. At Royal Oaks Veterinary Hospital, we believe that good veterinary care cannot be rushed. For us, it’s more about making connections, bonding with our patients and delivering the kind of personalized care we feel you deserve. Does your Southern Lake County or Western Orange County vet provide this level of individualized care? If not, we invite you to give us a try. Stop by anytime!

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    November Pet of the Month – Meet Rodie!

    Nov 12, 2018

    Rodie rescued me on 8/1/15, a few months after losing my sweet Mazzy to cancer.  My cousin called me from Jacksonville telling me “you need to come up here and meet this sweet girl” that was turned into Camp Bow … Read More »

    Chattiest Cat Breeds

    Nov 01, 2018

    Does your kitty reply when you talk to her? Or does Fluffy only speak up when she wants dinner or attention? Some of our feline pals are quite the little chatterboxes! While every cat is unique, breed does play a … Read More »

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