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Meet Kila – Our January Pet of the Month!
January 10, 2018

Kila belonged to a gentleman who had a stroke and could no longer care for her. His daughter turned Kila into animal control in Orange County. Her “number was up” when a kind woman saw her potential and saved her from impending euthanasia. Later, friends of ours decided to foster her and work on finding her a forever home. After asking us if we were interested many times, we finally decided to meet her. It was love at first sight, especially with Bob. Kila went right up to him as if she already knew him forever. Needless to say we brought her home that same day. She made herself comfortable and we figured right then and there that she would keep us. We were told she was 3 years old. Ten years later, she is still the same sweetheart we brought home. She even moved from Florida to Colorado Springs to live for 4 years. The “Florida dog” didn’t know what to do when she saw her first snow fall but learned to love it and would even run donuts around the yard. We moved back to Florida and she took the return trip very well and came back to the same house as if she never left. She’s a true food driven dog! She starts at least an hour early to insist on being fed even to the point of coming off of all fours with excitement. In November 2016 Kila wasn’t herself. We took her to Royal Oaks and she was diagnosed with an abscess on her elbow. The infection was through her system. We thought we were going to lose her. She never complained of the pain from the abscess. She has since developed other health problems (arthritis, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism). Dr. Giangreco and the Royal Oaks staff take such great care of Kila. We can’t thank them enough for helping us to keep Kila as healthy as she can be at 13 years old. With the proper meds prescribed which we put in her very own Sunday thru Saturday pill organizer, you would never know she has health issues let alone 13. Especially when she comes off of all fours!