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What Would Happen If Pets Grew Thumbs?
March 1, 2024

Here at Royal Oaks Veterinary Hospital Animal Hospital, we love celebrating all the pet-related holidays on the calendar! March features a particularly adorable and amusing occasion known as If Pets Had Thumbs Day. It’s fascinating to think about how our opposable thumbs played a crucial role in our evolution, allowing us to progress from the caveman era to the advanced civilization we have today. Ever wonder what would happen if Fido and Fluffy suddenly got thumbs? It’s obvious that we can’t directly ask them about it, but we do have a few sneaking suspicions. (Hint: plenty of mischief.) Continue reading for some speculative insights from a veterinarian based in Southern Lake County, FL.

Say Goodbye To The Vacuum Cleaner!

Dogs and cats may have their differences, but they tend to share a common opinion when it comes to vacuum cleaners. You might find that specific household item on the side of the road … or maybe even strewn in pieces throughout your backyard.

Kick Each Other Out

There are instances when cats and dogs get along very well. They are also able to form close connections. On the other hand, they do have their disagreements, and can become quite envious of one another. 

Text You

Plenty of comedy websites have created hilarious series of made-up conversations between dogs, cats, and their owners. It’s interesting how life can imitate art sometimes. I’m curious to know what your furry friend might have to say!

Notes of Love

We can’t help but laugh at our animal friends’ silly antics from time to time. But when it comes down to it, pets are incredibly emotional and develop deep bonds with their owners. You might find a lovely note or a heartfelt ‘I Love You’ card left by your beloved pet!

Snag The Car Keys

Dogs love to go on adventures and explore their surroundings.  Embarking on a cross-country road trip to explore all the dog parks in the country is quite the adventure, but it’s definitely a worthwhile endeavor. Fido might also decide to release all of his furry companions from their Florida certainly has many amazing places to discover!

Of course, it’s no secret that cats aren’t big fans of car rides. Fluffy might just choose to toss your keys into the closest body of water, preferably one inhabited by alligators. 


No surprises here. Fluffy and Fido are both pretty photogenic, so it’s only reasonable to assume that they’d start snapping photos.

Start Playing Video Games

It’s not surprising to consider that dogs and cats might be interested in exploring electronic games. After all, Fido and Fluffy both have a natural instinct for hunting. We’ve come up with a few games that dogs might find entertaining, such as Grand Theft Auto, Duck Hunt, and Frogger. Fluffy might like to play Pacman, Tetris, or Space Invaders.

You can actually download games for your cat to play on a smartphone or tablet. Many cats seem to have a knack for “catching” digital mice, fish, or bubbles, even though they lack thumbs. Fluffy might be purrfectly content with her current options.

Online Shopping Spree

Our pets’ lack of thumbs is perhaps a blessing in disguise. You might be in trouble if our pets could order goods themselves. Your porch would be filled with packages and your bank account would likely be seriously damaged.

What do you reckon your furry friend would buy?

Fluffy might go for kitty furniture, like shelves, enclosures, and scratching posts. And of course, they’d probably want some cozy beds and boxes to curl up in. smoked salmon, live betta fish, catnip, and spider plants might also be on her shopping list. Your feline pal might also decide to order a few random items, just because they come in boxes.

On the other hand, Fido would probably be more focused on food and toys. Your dog would probably order dinner from anywhere and everywhere within delivery range, and sign up for every food club, toy, and puppy subscription box he can find.

Get Those Itches

It’s always adorable to witness animal companions closing their eyes in contentment when you assist them in getting that pesky itch they can’t quite reach. Your furry friend might start experimenting with different objects to find the best way to scratch. Although pets would swiftly commandeer any back scratchers you may have on hand, it would not be surprising if they also attempted to scratch with forks, spatulas, or other haphazard objects.

Cancel All Appointments At Our Southern Lake County, FL Animal Clinic

We understand that animal hospitals can be intimidating for pets. The unfamiliar environment, strange smells, and presence of other anxious animals, some of whom may be ill can understandably make our patients feel uneasy. We aim to make appointments as easy as possible for your beloved pets, Fido and Fluffy.

However, we haven’t been able to effectively convey the significance of proper veterinarian care to Fluffy and Fido.

Simply put, we might start to see our appointment calendars clearing out. If you take your four-legged buddy to the groomer, their salon may also see an increase in cancellations.

Social Media Chaos

Social networking has its ups and downs. It’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family you don’t get to see often. On the other hand, it can be quite harmful. Fido would have a great time watching adorable movies or videos of squirrels. Fluffy might turn into an internet troll. Then again, it could be the other way around. 

Check Out What’s In The Cupboards. Oh, And The Closets Too. And The Pantries.

Of course, our dog and cat pets may be doing this for different reasons. Fido is always on the lookout for food and loves checking out everything in the house. Fluffy, on the other hand, would probably go through your drawers, hide anything valuable, and then remove the labels from your canned foods, just to be annoying.

Take Control Of Your Computer

For this to happen, pets would need to develop thumbs and acquire basic computer skills. Actually, this might not be as unlikely as it seems. Well, it seems like Fluffy has become quite the expert at napping on keyboards and laptops over the years. Who knows, maybe Fluffy has even picked up a thing or two through osmosis.

Imagine if your furry friend somehow managed to gain access to your computer. Can you picture the chaos that would ensue? Fido would absolutely love to download images of adorable dogs, fire hydrants, delicious steaks, and beautiful parks. Fluffy might play a little prank on you by deleting all of your data, installing a fish tank screensaver, and changing all of your passwords.

In conclusion, If Pets Had Thumbs Day is a delightful opportunity to imagine the possibilities if our beloved dogs and cats were equipped with thumbs. They would definitely find themselves in quite a bit of trouble!

Do you have any questions about your pet’s health or care? Do you think it’s about time to book an appointment for your furry friend? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our pet hospital in Southern Lake County, FL. We’re always here for you!