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Meet Lucy, Our April Pet of the Month!
April 8, 2019

Happy Spring to all my furry friends! My name is Lucy Oliver, my mom calls me Lucy Goosey or even Lucifer sometimes, although I have no idea why! I am 15 years and I was rescued when I was just a year old by my human. I have had an amazing life with my mom, two brothers and sister. Right now I am a little sad, as I recently lost all of my siblings and I am having to adjust to my new life as the only child. I know my mom loves me deeply, so I basically I spend my days making sure that she knows that I love her even more than she loves me.

I enjoy hanging by the pool, long naps in the sun and playing with two of the million toys that are laying around the house and treats of course. While I am getting up there in age and don’t play quite as much as I used to, my most favorite thing is snuggling in my mom’s lap, but only if there is a blanket!

I have been coming to Royal Oaks for most of my life and although I don’t really like to visit all that much, I know that Dr. G and Dr. Dwyer are taking the best possible care of me! What I do really enjoy though is coming in to visit all of my favorite girls in the office!

I have had a tough few months, as I was recently diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, the docs caught it just in the nick of time and I had to have my spleen removed. I am doing much better now, although I really don’t like all of the medicine and yucky food they keep trying to give me. But for now, I will do my best to cooperate because I am loving all of this extra attention!

So furry friends, be kind to your humans and when they bring you to this sometimes scary place for that poke in the butt or even a stay in the metal dungeon, know that they love you and always know what’s best!