Hurricane Irma Resources

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As the threat of Hurricane Irma impacting our area rises, we know you have many items on your preparation list.  Royal Oaks Veterinary Hospital urges you to take action now and make an emergency plan that includes you furry family members.

Here’s a checklist to help ensure you and your pet are ready:

  • MICROCHIP:  First and foremost, microchip your pet!  In the event of loss or separation during an emergency, a microchip is your best bet to help you reunite with your pet
  • VACCINATIONS:  Ensure your pet is up-to-date on his or her vaccinations.  In emergency situations, families often have to board their pets.  Print a copy of your vaccine history in case you need to board your pet on the road.
  • PET SUPPLIES:  Confirm you have a supply of prescription refills, pet food, flea, tick and heartworm preventatives.  Boarding facilities typically require pets are current with preventatives.
  • Last, if your pet suffers from car sickness or anxiety, we can assist by prescribing appropriate medications.

In the event of an emergency, please call Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Central Florida, Casselberry at 407-644-4449 or visit their website here.

Here are some additional resources to help you prepare your pets for emergency situations:

Stay safe!

Your Team at Royal Oaks Veterinary Hospital

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