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Cat Sayings and How They Originated
June 1, 2021

You’ve likely heard and used the saying ‘Cat got your tongue?’ before. Or maybe you’ve made references to cats having nine lives. There are actually quite a few sayings about our feline friends… and many of them are as quirky and puzzling as Fluffy herself! A local veterinarian lists a few of them below. 

The Cat’s Pajamas

The word ‘cat’ was used by flappers in the 20’s to describe someone they thought was cool. It was first made popular in the comic strip Indoor Sports. The term made it into common vernacular around this time, along with the phrase ‘The Cat’s Meow’. The phrase made a comeback in the 60’s, and is still occasionally used this way today. (Note from Fluffy’s doctor: do not put pajamas on your cat.)

Raining Cats And Dogs

This saying seems to have originated back when people had thatched roofs. If Fluffy climbed to a high vantage point, she could potentially fall through a sopping wet roof. The ‘ cat chphrase’ goes back to at least 1651, when it appeared in Olor Iscanus , a collection of poems. 

Look What The Cat Dragged In

It’s not hard to guess where this one came from. We first domesticated Fluffy because of her hunting prowess. As many of you probably know, kitties take offering their catch to their humans very seriously. As to what the feline that sparked this phrase actually dragged in, well, that’s anyone’s guess. It could be anything from a snake to a porcupine to a skunk or opossum. Have we mentioned that we recommend keeping cats  indoors?

Cat Burglar

If you’ve ever watched a kitty ‘stalking’ a bird or chipmunk, you know that cats can move very quietly and gracefully … skills that burglars no doubt seek to emulate. Of course, some of our feline friends have sticky paws themselves. Fluffy has been known to steal toys, bras, underwear, sausages, and even bikinis! 


If you have more than one feline buddy, you may notice that Fluffy and Mittens sometimes mirror each other. They may sleep  in the same place or position, fight over a toy, or sync up their napping schedules.

Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

We have to admit, we’re a bit purrplexed on this one. Most of our feline friends are more interested in getting into bags than getting out of them! 

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