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Meet Blondie, Our May Pet of the Month!
April 29, 2019

Hi, my name is Blondie, and I’m almost 8 years old. I live in Clermont,
Florida with my mom, dad, my brother Pete and sister Riley. I felt so
honored when Royal Oaks Veterinary Hospital asked me to be their Pet of the
Month. WOW!! They thought I had a pretty cool story to tell, especially
about my start in life.

I was a Tuscaloosa, Alabama tornado survivor. I was around a month old when
I was found on the street, after one of the worst tornados ever. I heard I
was in very bad shape. In fact I was told that given the condition I was in
when I was found, it was a miracle I was alive. I had great immediate care
locally and then a really great pet hospital in Georgia came and adopted a
bunch of us displaced and wounded survivors. I was very scared and shy
around people so they put me together with this small black dog, as we both
continued to get care. We became best friends. I remember them taking my
picture with this other dog, putting it on a flyer and trying to find us a
home together. However, my little buddy was adopted before me, and again I
was alone. However, this really nice couple heard about me and saw my
picture. They loved animals and helped a whole bunch over the years. So,
one day they walked into the vet’s office where I was living and asked if me
and my buddy found a home together yet. When they heard my buddy was
adopted and I wasn’t, they asked to meet me. Here’s the funny part. The
vet’s office said to them, I’ll go get Blondie. Little did I know that the
very first rescue that my mom and dad ever had many years before this was
named Blondie. Well, they carried me out and put me in my mommy’s arms. We
loved each other immediately. In fact, mom started crying and kissing me.
I know I said I was really shy, but somehow it just felt right. My new mom
and dad came back for me the next day to bring me to my new home. I had a
very warm welcome.

Because of my rough start in life, my immune system was not strong. After a
few weeks I started growing these really weird looking growths around my
mouth that looked like small cauliflowers. Anyway, they had to be
surgically removed. I would come home, heal, and then grow more, even in my
throat. Anyway, I think I had at least 3 surgeries until they stopped
growing. I healed up great and learned I was a fighter. I did great for
years. Then our whole family moved to Florida. I was okay with it all but
was kind of scared about finding a Veterinary Hospital as good and loving
as the one I was used to. I heard my mom and dad talk about really being
concerned about that too. Well the time came where me, my brother and
sister all needed to make a trip to a new vet. Thank God we have a really
close friend that lived close to us and worked with many Veterinary
Hospitals. He told us about Royal Oaks. Mom and dad checked it out first,
and then we all visited. Everyone was so loving and so nice. However, a
few months later, my little sister needed emergency surgery. She had three
really big bladder stones. If it weren’t for Dr. G. and Dr. D. we might
have lost her. Anyway, she’s doing great and we knew our prayers were

OK so getting back to me. Over this past year, I had a few more challenges.
I tore my ACL in my right knee. I had the kind of surgery where they put a
titanium plate in my knee. That was a big deal and a long recovery but I
did great. Once all healed, I then blew my meniscus in the same knee and
had to have surgery to have that removed. You may be starting to see a
pattern here, lol. I may have had my challenges, but I don’t let anything
keep me down, and I always keep smiling!! I love my life, I love my family
and I count my blessings every day that we found Royal Oaks to care for us.

Again, it was an honor to share my story and to be the Pet of the Month.
Thank You!

Love & licks,