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Signs of Arthritis in Dogs
August 1, 2017

Is your canine buddy near—or perhaps already in—his golden years? Dogs are just as cute as seniors as they are when they are puppies! While your pet’s basic needs won’t change as he ages, Fido may need some extra TLC. You’ll also want to watch for signs of health issues, and contact your vet immediately if you notice anything. One medical issue that is very common in older pups is arthritis. Read on as a Western Orange County, FL vet lists some common symptoms of arthritis.


Limping is one of the most common signs of arthritis in dogs. At first, Fido may only limp for a few minutes, usually when he first gets up. The limp may go away once he starts moving around and gets warmed up. Over time, the limp will become more pronounced.


If Fido has arthritis, he may lick or chew himself, particularly on his legs and paws.

Mobility Issues

Dogs with arthritis often have trouble climbing stairs or getting in and out of cars. Fido may also have difficulty climbing up to the couch or (if he’s allowed) the bed. As your pet’s condition worsens, he may also begin to have trouble standing up or laying down.

Lack of Playfulness

Reduced interest in play is another possible warning sign. Fido may not feel very playful if he is stiff and sore.


Sensitivity is also a sign of arthritis in our canine pals. For instance, if you pat your furry pal on his back and accidentally touch a sore spot, he may shy away or give a little yelp.


Being sick or in pain generally doesn’t do much for one’s mood. The same is true for our animal friends. If Fido doesn’t seem like his usual self, or if he is uncharacteristically grumpy, he may be in pain.

Veterinary Care

If you know or suspect that your four-legged buddy is suffering from arthritis, contact your vet immediately. While arthritis cannot be cured, there are treatments that can reduce your pet’s pain and increase his mobility, giving him a better quality of life. Your vet can also offer specific advice on Fido’s home care, including his doggy diet and exercise plan.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Western Orange County, FL pet hospital, today!