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Fireworks Phobia!
June 24, 2017

Fireworks Phobia!
With the celebration of our great nation’s Independence Day rapidly approaching it is time to prepare for the possibility of fireworks phobia! This is an issue that affects many of our furry friends. There are some things you can do to help prevent or minimize some of the fear experienced during this time. You can try working with your pet to desensitize them to the loud sounds of the fireworks by distracting them with their favorite treats or games. Sometimes this helps them associate the sounds of fireworks with a positive experience. Another medication-free option is the thunder shirt! It works similarly to swaddling a baby. By applying light pressure, like a hug, it can help pets feel safe and secure. There are also synthetic pheromone sprays that can offer some relief of mild anxiety symptoms. We also offer an herbal relaxant called Composure chews! Sometimes despite our best efforts, when medication-free options aren’t offering enough relief for our pets, a medication therapy may be recommended. Its important to speak with your veterinarian before fireworks begin so you have everything you need already on hand. Don’t wait until your pet is showing signs of anxiety to intervene. If you know fireworks are going to be set off, give your pets their medication prior to the start to help tme have a much more pleasant experience overall. If you have any questions or are concerned your pet may need medication therapy for fireworks phobia, please give us a call at 352-243-8043

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