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When is it an emergency?
June 23, 2017

When is it an emergency?
Often times it can be difficult to decide when a situation is truly an emergemcy. If you’re concerned it is ALWAYS a good idea to call your vet. They can help you determine if you need to come in immediately. If it’s after hospital hours there are emergency clinics you can call as well. However, if your pet is experiencing any of the following it is an emergency and they should immediately be brought in to be seen:
-lack of breathing/heartbeat
-unconsciousness or not waking up
-vomiting or having diarrhea for over 24hrs
-suspected broken bones
-difficulty breathing
-showing signs of extreme pain (wincing, whining, can be aggressive from pain)
-is currently having or has had a seizure
-collapsing suddenly or inability to walk/get up
-suspect ingesting something toxic (rat poison, cleaning chemicals, etc)
-swollen abdomen that is also hare to the touch and trying to vomit/gagging.
-suddenlay becoming disoriented and bumping into things
-symptoms of heat stroke
-inability or straining to urinate
-bleeding from the eyes, nose, or mouth or having blood in vomit, urine or stool.

If you notice any of these symptoms head to the closest veterinary hospital. It is very important to act quickly and to not hesitate. The sooner you bring your pet in the sooner the vet can assess and treat your pet.
Our hospital is open from 7:30a-6p Monday to Friday, Saturday 7:30a-1p (1 Saturday of the month we do not have a doctor in hospital. Please call prior to coming in on Saturday’s).
For questions regarding your pet during business hours please call us at (352)243-8043.
For after hours emergencies you can call (407)644-4449