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Protecting your pet from the scorching Summer sun!
June 22, 2017

Tips for protecting your pet from the Summer sun!

Summertime means lots of outdoor activities and adventures. If you plan on bringing your pet along on your outdoor excursions they may be at risk for sun burns! The best way to avoid UV exposure is, of course, to avoid going out into the sun between 10am-3pm. If you cannot do that, you can apply sunscreen. You can use some brands of human sunscreen, but make sure to read the labels carefully to ensure there are no labels about ingesting. Those sunscreens with warnings about ingestion can contain harmful chemicals. It is very important to use a pets only brand of sunscreen on cats. Cats are very sensitive. Another alternative to avoiding the sun & using sun screen is to use UV protective clothing! There are lots of ways to have fun and stay safe this summer!!