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Summer Safety Tips
June 20, 2017

Summer Safety Tips!
Today is the first day of summer! Here are a few tips to help keep you pets happy and healthy during the hot and sunny season.
•Make sure to keep your pets hydrated and always have fresh, clean water available to help avoid dehydration.
•Keep pets off of cement and asphalt. The scorching temperatures can cause it to burn your pets paws!
•Always supervise your pets in pools and any bodies of water.
•NEVER leave your pet unattended in a parked car that is off. Even with the windows cracked temperatures still rise rapidly and pets can overheat and die!
•Keep table scraps to a minimum. We all love a good BBQ, but many of the foods we enjoy can make our pets sick.
•Be cautious of new, unknown grassy areas; there can potentially be harmful pesticides or chemicals used to treat it.
•Be sure to keep your pets safely secured inside during your Fourth of July celebrations. Fireworks are often very frightening for pets and can cause them to try to run away to hide.

We we hope you find these tips useful and have a safe & happy summer!