Florida’s hot weather is rapidly approaching. During those very hot days, follow these tips to help protect your pet from the suns hot rays;

* Do NOT leave pet outside for a long period of time without adequate shade or water.
* Walk in the early morning and late afternoon. If pet wishes to go out in between, let pet out long enough to take care of business and bring back inside.
* No exercising or vigorous activity.
* Do not leave pet unattended in a vehicle. Studies shows that temperatures may increase an average of 40 degrees within 1 hour!

How to cool a pet

*Move pet out of the sun and into a shade and cool environment.
* Place a fan in front of pet.
*Place cool cloths on paw pads and back of neck. Over-cooling can result in shock.

Hyperthermia is a life-threatening condition that can happen at any time. Obese pet have a greater risk. If your pet may be suffering from Hyperthermia, do NOT over-cool, and take pet to the nearest veterinarian immediately.

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