Meet the Munchkin

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Are you familiar with Munchkin cats? These super cute cats almost look like a feline version of the Dachshund! Read on as a local vet discusses this unique breed. Basics Munchkins are distinguished by the fact that they have very … Read More »

World Rabies Day

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September 28 is World Rabies Day. Although rabies is not as widespread as it used to be, it’s still as deadly as ever. In fact, many people don’t realize just how dangerous this disease is. Rabies has a staggering 99.95% … Read More »

Hurricane Irma Resources

As the threat of Hurricane Irma impacting our area rises, we know you have many items on your preparation list.  Royal Oaks Veterinary Hospital urges you to take action now and make an emergency plan that includes you furry family … Read More »

Senior Cat Care Tips

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Is your feline buddy aged six or older? If so, Fluffy is technically a senior . . . even if she still thinks of herself as a kitten. Cats usually age slowly and gracefully, so you probably won’t notice any … Read More »

DIY Cat Furniture

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Does your cat have some furniture of her own? If so, that’s terrific! Kitties always appreciate having some things they don’t have to share. You don’t have to drain your bank account getting Fluffy’s things, though. There are lots of … Read More »

Signs of Arthritis in Dogs

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Is your canine buddy near—or perhaps already in—his golden years? Dogs are just as cute as seniors as they are when they are puppies! While your pet’s basic needs won’t change as he ages, Fido may need some extra TLC. … Read More »