Table Scraps

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." A fantastic quote by Roger Caras that doesn't only apply to dogs, but cats and all pets as a whole and we want to give our pets a great life. With that being said, table scraps are not the way to go. By feeding our pets human food it becomes less likely they will eat their own food and it also puts them at risk for tummy aches and possibly Pancreatitis. We've spoken about Pancreatitis in one of the previous blogs so we know it's very important to make sure they stick to their own diets. We know our pets like getting something extra yummy so human foods that are safe for our furry companions are; carrots, fresh or canned no salt green beans, plain white rice, boiled chicken (skinless and boneless). When giving pets these human food please ensure they don't contain any seasonings, but a phone call to your veterinarian is always a good option before introducing them to your pets!  

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