Here at Royal Oaks we take anesthesia very seriously. Which is why we take so many precautions. First, we always require current pre-anesthetic bloodwork. This allows us to see if the pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. Before anything is done, the doctor does an exam and administers a mixture of light premedications that help the pet relax for catheter placement and induction and helps alleviate any pain. An IV catheter is placed to administer induction medications as well as for fluids to be administered for the duration of the procedure. IV fluids are administered while under anesthesia to help keep the pet's blood pressure from rising and also gives an access point to administer emergency medications should the need arise. While under anesthesia, pets are monitored extensively. A trained technician monitors all vitals and keeps a written records of all values for the duration of the procedure. Thanks to modern technology we have a machine that monitors and detects changes and alerts the attending technician and doctor. For maintenance we use isoflurane with oxygen. The amount is adjusted based on the pet's response. We also use a water filled heating pad to keep the pet's temperature within normal range. A trained technician remains by the pet's side before, during, and after the procedure until the pet is fully recovered, sitting up on their own and stable. 

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